Start Publications APST3 - Advances in Polymer Science & Technology 3 | Linz (A), September 09-10, 2013
APST3 - Advances in Polymer Science & Technology 3 | Linz (A), September 09-10, 2013 Drucken

M. Aigner, M. Mihalic, T. Hinterberger, J. Miethlinger. "Optimizing the extrusion process to improve melt quality" – Conference Paper


G. Eder. "Extension of classical nucleation theories: Existence of stable clusters in the melt state" – Conference Paper


M. Eckerstorfer, F. Hiptmair, Z. Major. "Development of a Magnetoelastomeric Demonstrator" – Conference Paper


A. M. Hartl, W. Balasooriya, M. Reiter, M. Schossig, R. W. Lang. "Characterization of Quasi-brittle Failure Behaviour of Polypropylene Pipe Materials" – Conference Paper


F. Hiptmair, R. Hasslacher, S. Hild, Z. Major. "Effect of Particle Alignment Induced Anisotropy on the Mechanical Properties of Magnetoelastomers" – Conference Paper


T. Hinterberger, W. Buchberger. "Investigation of volatile degradation products of stabilizers in polymer materials in the presence of fillers" – Conference Paper


M. Mihalic, A. Schausberger. "Investigation of Partial Miscibility of PP/PE Blends using the Relaxation Time Spectrum" – Conference Paper


M. Prechtl, M. Aigner, B. Praher. "Verification of the melting behaviour in a single screw plastification unit" – Conference Paper


P. Schoeffl, R.W. Lang, S. Liedauer, G. Zehethofer. "Slow crack growth behaviour and failure mechanisms of PE 100 pipe grade materials exposed to liquid hydrocarbon environment" – Conference Paper


K. Vincze-Minya, S. Hild, S. Jilg, R. Forstner. "Polarized µ-Raman imaging spectroscopy for the estimation of crystallinity and orientation of iPP films" – Conference Paper


K. Vincze-Minya, J. Mühlböck, S. Hild. "Scanning force microscopy and polarized confocal- RAMAN microscopy for in-situ characterization of uniaxially stretched thermoplastic elastomers, Poster" – Publication


S. Jilg, R. Forstner, G. Eder. "Combined influence of pressure andshear rate on the crystallization behavior of iPPs" – Publication