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Legal Representative:
Legal responsibility for the Project will be assumed by the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz, and the Project will be carried out as a cluster project with 'Third Party Project' status ('Drittmittelprojekt') according to the University Act 2002 (UG §27).


Project Director:
The Project Director is the representative of the Projects in external communication, in contacts with government, the Rectorate of JKU, science and business, in public relations and overall operation. The duties and tasks of the Project Director comprise:

  • Management of the Project in accordance with the contractual requirements
  • Contracting with the funding authorities and the Scientific Partners on behalf of JKU
  • Development of reporting and controlling schemes
  • Budgeting and reporting (financial)
  • Strategic, yearly and trimestrial R&D program planning and controlling with respect to target dates, quality and cost
  • Progress Reporting
  • Public relations, marketing and dissemination of results
  • Personnel, legal and administrative matters
  • Management of the Projects and coordination of the Responsible Key Researchers with respect to scientific issues
  • Representation of the Projects in scientific forums and bodies; public relations in the scientific community

In these functions, the Project Director will be supported by the Administration Manager who heads the Office of Administration, Finance and Controlling. The Project Director is also responsible for the quality of the research and development activities of the entire research programs.


The Board will act as the central policy advisory body of the Project on all important issues concerning strategy and operations. It will meet at least three times a year. The board is made up of representatives from all company and scientific partners.


Ad-hoc Comittee:
To deal with complex or urgent matters or in case of conflicts, the Board may nominate several members to work in an Ad-hoc Committee with the Project Director to resolve such issues.