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The K-Project "Advanced Polymeric Materials and Processes Technologies" [in short: APMT] pursues the following 4 overall objectives:

(1)    To strengthen and improve the existing capacity and infrastructure for pre-competitive research in specific areas of polymer engineering and science crucial for the Upper Austrian polymer industry.
(2)    To establish a collaborative research program in the field of polymer engineering and science of sufficient capacity and volume to conduct academic theses research (BSc, MSc, PhD) open to the large number of students in the new polymer programs at the JKU starting as of fall 2009/2010 and subsequent years.
(3)    To establish a permanent Center for collaborative and pre-competitive research in the field of polymeric materials and polymer processing technologies that achieves international recognition.
(4)    To contribute to the enhancement of the competitiveness of the Upper Austrian polymer industry as well as the growing polymer technology and polymer products related sectors in Austria as a whole.