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Research Program APMT

In total 5 projects have been defined for the 4-year funding period. To cover the polymer product and technology range of interest to the Company Partners, the following 3 multi-firm projects were defined:

Project 1.01:    High-performance polyolefins for advanced structural applications
(in short: High Performance Polyolefins)
Project 1.02:    Heterogeneous polymer compounds
(in short: Heterogeneous Polymer Compounds)
Project 1.03:    In-situ investigations on plastification related melt quality and degradation in injection molding, extrusion and compounding
(in short: Melt Quality Plastification)
In addition, 2 purely strategic projects have been defined to perform research in application oriented polymer science on a more fundamental level and which are being carried out in cooperation with the Scientific Partners without any active Company Partner research involvement:
Project 1.S1:    Advanced characterization methods for polymeric materials and special topics of polymer science
(in short: Advanced Methods)
Project 1.S2    Simulation of polymer melt flow and heat transfer effects in plasticizing machines with respect to mixing and melt quality effects (in short: Melt Quality Simulation)
Since all five projects are thematically interlinked and follow a common methodical scheme the research program encompasses only one Area.